Has it really been so long?

Wow, so here I am, sitting in bed watching I Love Lucy and I'm thinking...whoa, I can't believe I went all week without getting on the computer to create a new blog. I'll admit, I'm not as much of a computer psycho as my hubby, but still, I'm ashamed of myself! I don't necessarily have too much to say. I will give an update of my week (as I'm sure everyone wants an update...)

This week Nick and I decided to start playing raquetball...in a word...hillarious. Our first outing was on Tuesday and we were pretty bad. I ended up running into the wall like four times and I developed a large bruise on my left knee from it. We couldn't really keep a "volley" going (I'm not really sure if they call it a volley in raquetball or not) and I personally got pretty lazy after about twenty to thirty minutes...(perhaps that's because I'm sooooo out of shape). We played again on Thursday too. We set up appointments to reserve the court one week ahead of time. We had to miss a meeting for a children's ministry conference to play on Thursday, but that was actually best because the meetings are so far away from our house and we had been out really late the night before.

On Wednesday we went to a friend's house for a meeting and had a blast. I had some weird, grotesque rash on my left cheek develop on the way to her house. It really itched, but it went away by Thursday. While we were at this "meeting," Nick and I stayed later and ended up playing Wii and talking. All of a sudden, it was midnight! Yikes...we didn't get home until almost one because Nick wanted to get something to eat and we tried Burger King and McDonald's and they were both closed...I was totally carsick because Nick drives like a psycho and I had a massive sinus headache. I really thought I was going to vom...and almost did when we got home, but I was ok. We had such a nice time and I was inspired to download Super Mario Brothers on the virtual console of my Wii...too much fun!

Last night, Nick and I went to the Drive-In. We had a nice time and the weather was beautiful! We took my car and sat in it with the windows down and the sunroof open. I was really glad I had my Nintendo DS and a book to keep me occupied before the movies started (we got there like 45 minutes early) because Nick spent this whole time sleeping. I ended up erasing all of the files on Mario Kart DS and starting over. I bought the game used and the previous owner had unlocked almost everything and I wanted to do it for myself. The lineup at the Drive-In was pretty good this weekend. I actually wanted to see all three movies. The first movie was Penelope. It was really cute. Nick ended up watching it too and even he said that it wasn't all that bad. Then was The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. What I saw of this movie I really enjoyed. It was kinda like a mixture of a comedy/kid's movie and a traditional kung-fu type movie. Unfortunately, I only made it through about twenty to thirty minutes of this movie. I hate the fact that everytime I go to the drive-in, I always fall asleep after the first show. I even drank so much Diet Coke it was insane and I still fell asleep! Oh well, the last movie was The Bank Job. Nick said it was really good. I guess I'll have to catch it on DVD. Speaking of DVD....

Nick and I are still on the fifth season of the Sopranos. We had to put two disks on Nick's computer and this totally shafted us because Nick doesn't like to be without his computer and we have no blank DVDs to burn the episodes onto (I know I ended this sentence with a preposition, but who cares!). I don't know how to set it up or anything because if I did, I could totally be watching it now so I could catch up to Nick and then maybe we could finish season five this weekend, but I don't see that happening. Nick said he didn't want to sleep past noon today and it's currently 11:57. I guess that means I need to try and wake him up. He said putting on the NFL Network would be the best thing to do, but I'm really digging I Love Lucy. It's one of the one's when they're in Hollywood...I love these episodes. I think if I could have anyone's talent I'd first choose Kristy Nockels (from Watermark) and then Lucille Ball...what a riot she is! Anywho...I need to wake-up my man...we're taking Rocko (our German Shepherd/Border Collie mix) to the dog park today (hopefully). I can't wait!



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