The Blog Formerly Known as MySpace...Part VII

December 8, 2007 - Saturday

In case you didn’t know...

So I thought it was about time to finally update anyone who was wondering about my previous incident and how I am fairing now...
My ankle is all better. It hurts when the weather changes, but I guess that's something that I'll just have to live with forever. I am still a little scared to hurts just a smidge when I try...I did try dance dance revolution the other day and that went ok, but after about five songs I had to stop due to pain in the ankle.
Nick was a great help during that time...he was my personal driver and even helped clean the house a little, but alas, those days are gone. Now I have to clean the house and I had better get to it...seriously...I need to go do that.
Unfortunately, I have no major life lessons from the ankle incident. I did learn that an orthopedic doctor with no computer and a massively scary combover really can know what he's doing, you should always hold on to the rail when walking down the stairs if you're as clutzy as I am (and definitely don't carry a really large, heavy box), and finally, life is not worth living if you're going 1000 miles per hour...we all need those times where we slow down, stop, and smell the just took breaking my ankle for me to do it.


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