The Blog Formerly Known as MySpace...Part III

March 27, 2007 - Tuesday


So, here I am, the end of the third quarter knocking on my door, a paper on the churches at Ephesus, Philippi, and Colossae breathing down my neck, and a Kidstuf script that I need to have memorized by tomorrow night, and what am I doing...goofing off on my computer. I swear, sometimes I am such a goober! When will I learn to prioritize my life and get things done in a timely manner instead of major cram sessions at the last minute?! One would think that finishing many a papers in the post-midnight hours throughout college would have encouraged good time management skills, but alas, here I am, in that same old familiar boat. You know the boat I'm talking about, the one with so many holes in it, it is almost impossible to stay afloat. You have to keep on bailing out water as fast as you can while also trying to plug up the holes. Everytime you get a whole plugged and are almost finished bailing, a new hole springs up and you're right back to where you started. Ahh, this boat is the metaphor for my life...if you've never been in this boat, consider yourself blessed...if you're thinking, "wow, I know exactly what she means..." then I pity you. I read a t-shirt one time that said "Procrastinators unite! Let's do it tomorrow..." I should look for that shirt and wear it everyday. Oh, boo....I guess I really need to get to work. Yikes, I've just wasted another fifteen minutes....


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