The Blog Formerly Known as MySpace...Part II

October 10, 2006 - Tuesday


So, I noticed today after recess that my room REAKED of major b.o. My guess is that the boys have not made that major leap into wearing deodarant. At what age is it necessary to wear deodorant everyday? I'm thinking at least by the fifth grade. Now I'm at an impasse...should I say "hey guys, something smells nasty in here and it's not have major b.o. and you need to start wearing deodorant everyday." or just let it go? Hmmm...just my thought for today. I'm sad the Ravens lost, but happy our volleyball team is 3-0...I need to go to bed so I can get up early and start another great day...too bad it's supposed to rain because that means we have indoor recess and indoor recess stinks...not as bad as fifth grade boy b.o. but you know what I mean. I guess if we stay inside they won't get stinky and sweaty...Anywho...this is random as all get out, so I should stop rambling now and move on with my life...


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