"A Good Book Has No Ending"

I promise not all of my blogs are going to revolve around the list, but then again, I can't really guarantee that...so...I guess I shouldn't promise it.  Number 22 is to "Read 50 of the Top 100 Books according to Random House."  Well, upon further review of this, I found out that Random House actually has two lists of Top 100 Books, The Board's List and The Reader's List.  Now, there are several books that appear on both lists, so in order to compile my list of 50, I started there.  The first 25 or so on my list appear on both of the Random House's lists.  The rest are then a pretty even mixture of books from both lists.  In full disclosure, I did include a few books that I have already read.  I did this because I "read" these books in high school or college, but I don't remember them very well...I'm not really quite sure I actually read them...So, without further ado, here's my reading list:

  1.  A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man - James Joyce
  2.  Ulysses - James Joyce
  3.  Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
  4.  The Sound and the Fury - William Faulkner
  5.  Catch 22 - Joseph Heller
  6.  Lolita - Vladamir Nabokov
  7.  Under the Volcano - Malcolm Lowry
  8.  1984 - George Orwell
  9.  I, Claudius - Robert Graves
10.  To the Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf
11.  The Heart is a Lonely Hunter - Carson McCullers
12.  Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut
13.  Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
14.  Animal Farm - George Orwell
15.  As I Lay Dying - William Faulkner
16.  Lord of the Flies - William Golding
17.  The Sun Also Rises - Ernest Hemingway
18.  Light in August - William Faulkner
19.  On the Road - Jack Kerouac
20.  The Moviegoer - Walker Percy
21.  The Catcher in the Rye - JD Sallinger
22.  A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
23.  A Farewell to Arms - Ernest Hemingway
24.  Brideshead Revisited - Evelyn Waugh
25.  The Call of the Wild - Jack London
26.  The Magus - John Fowles
27.  One Lonely Night - Mickey Spillane
28.  The Great Gatsby - F Scott Fitzgerald
29.  Darkness at Noon - Arthur Koestler
30.  An American Tragedy - Theodore Drieser
31.  Native Son - Richard Wright
32.  All the King's Men - Robert Penn Warren
33.  The Bridge of San Luis Rey - Thornton Wilder
34.  Howard's End - E M Forster
35.  Go Tell it on the Mountain - James Baldwin
36.  The Heart of the Matter - Graham Greene
37.  Deliverance - James Dickey
38.  The Maltese Falcon - Dasheill Hamlet
39.  Scoop - Evelyn Waugh
40.  Sophie's Choice - William Styron
41.  Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
42.  Battlefield Earth - L Ron Hubbard
43.  Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell
44.  A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving
45.  The Handmaid's Tale -  Margaret Atwood
46.  Tropic of Cancer - Henry Miller
47.  Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card
48.  Something Wicked this Way Comes - Ray Bradbury
49.  The Door Into Summer - Robert Heinlen
50.  It - Stephen King

Good thing I really like to read!  I've thought about making a short list of alternates just in case I start reading one of these books and it's so bad that I can't finish it...oh well, I'll cross that bridge is I get there, but rest assured, you'll get a review of each one that I read.

Have you read any of these books?  What's your review?

~Blevins - out!


Jennie said...
June 16, 2010 at 3:57 PM

My "To Read" list is MUCH shorter (10 books, ha!)...but Atlas Shrugged is at the top of it. Gone with the Wind is a close follower. Good thing they're both like 1000 pages! ;)

I have read The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, The Catcher in the Rye, and The Great Gatsby.

Lord of the Flies has stuck with me the most of all of them. (And if I remember correctly The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was pretty depressing!)

Happy Reading!!!

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