Amendments to The List

So, after looking over my list, I realized that there are a few items on it that cannot exactly be measured...therefore, I have decided to make some amendments...

I, the Jennifer Blevins, in order to form a more perfect list, establish items that can be documented and verified, and secure the blessings of this list, establish the following amendments:  (my attempt at a humorous preamble...lame, I know...)

31.  Make my front yard presentable.
Well...this is difficult to assess, because what I say is presentable, might not necessarily be so to anyone else.  So, I am going to make a new it is...
31.  Weed the flower bed in the front yard and spread mulch in the spring.  (0/2)

80.  Give more hugs. do I measure this...well, in short, I can', here's my new #80
80.  Give blood.

And there you have it folks...all better...:)

~Blevins - out!

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