Gone Fishin'

A few of weekends ago, our best friend Dave invited Nick and me to go camping with him.  Now, I’m not that much of a camper…I’ve only been like twice, but, as a general rule, I really enjoy it.  He picked out a really fun place that wasn’t too far away.  We played horseshoes, I got my first ever chance to play shuffleboard, and I got to cross another item off of my list, number 51, “Go Fishing.”  You see, there was this small pond at the campgrounds where you could “catch and release.”  I did not know this before we left, so I was not prepared for the possibility of fishing.  Because of this, we had to shell out about ten bucks for the world’s worst fishing rod, so I could try my hand at fishing.  Unfortunately, this fishing trip was a major fail…  It was kinda windy, so my line kept blowing all around and getting tangled up, plus, I didn’t catch anything at all!  Technically speaking though, I did go fishing, so I am going to count this list item as complete, but I’m hoping to have a chance to try it  again sometime…I’ll keep you updated…:)

~Blevins - out!


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