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September 9, 2006 - Saturday

The 5th grade

So, I have decided to "blog" about my first week in the fifth grade...all in all I'll say it went pretty well. It's so much different than first grade that it honestly makes me wonder how the heck I made it through last year. I love my little first graders, but fifth graders are so much more's awesome. Mountain is such a great school...I feel so blessed to be there and I truly feel that is where God wants me to be...finally a sense of purpose! My kids are fun...a little chatty and we get really random at times, but they definitely keep me on my toes. I am working with a great mentor teacher who takes great care of me and I just couldn't be happier! I made a few major boo boos this week, but I had it all figured out by Thursday so...not too bad. We were majorly late for dismissal the first two days of school and we got into a little bit of "trouble." It's all good in the hood now though. We have chapel every Wednesday and our first one was soooo awesome. I think that will definitely be something I look forward to every week. It really is a great time of praise...which is not really what expected. I expected it to be a cheezy kids worship time, boy was I wrong. Umm...I think that about sums it up. Fifth grade is fun. We had a great week this week and for the first time I ever, I don't dread going to work. Yay!


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